How to take care, heat and store your tortillas Nixtamal.

Tortillas Nixtamal are unlike any other tortillas you will purchase on the market. They are a fresh product made of 100% corn with no additives. Therefore, how you use and store Tortilla Nixtamal will be different from how you use and store other corn tortillas. 

Receiving tortillas

1. Remove from bag or cardboard box delivered in.
2. Open bag to remove excess moisture from bag.
3. Best practice: Separate the tortillas and rewrap in the paper and plastic bag.
4. Place in a non-humid environment. Tortillas do not need to be refrigerated. Whatever is not used within 24 hours should be
5. Tortillas can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer after completing step 3.

Serving Tortillas

Tortillas need to be moist when reheated. Tortillas loose moisture after originally produced. Therefore it is important to add water to revitalize tortilla when heating for service. 

1. Add water to tortilla with:
a. your fingers dribble a little water from a cup on both sides of the tortilla. Then place on the grill.
b. a spray bottle. Spay one squirt on both sides of the tortilla while on the grill.

2. Heat the tortilla on a hot grill at a temperature of about 250-275 degrees - medium heat. Heat for 10 seconds flipping the tortilla from one side to the other at least two times. This ensures that the tortilla heats evenly and completely with out getting hard.
  • If the tortilla is left on the grill for to long the tortilla will get dry and hard 
  • If the tortilla is not heated enough it will feel tough.
3. Plate your taco. DO NOT use a hot plate-The hot plate will continue to cook the tortilla making the tortilla hard.

4. If you need to preheat your tortillas for a busy service line, heat per the instructions above and place heated tortillas in a plastic bag to hold heat and moisture until ready to plate. Its best to use a ziplock bag that can be sealed . Tortillas can be held for 10 minutes in this way.

Storing Tortillas

If tortillas will be used with in 24 hours they do not need to be refrigerated.

1. It is highly recommended to follow the best practice of separating your tortillas before refrigeration.
2. If you have not aired out the bags to remove the excess moisture, remove the tortillas from the bag, turn the bag inside out, place tortillas inside and close the bag.
3. Tortillas can be stored in the refrigerator for 7-10 days
4. If you use refrigerated tortillas it is best to remove tortillas before service so they can warm up to room temperature.
5. For frozen tortillas. When reheating a frozen tortilla simply place on the hot grill. It is not necessary to add water.

For other ideas contact Tortilleria Nixtamal at 347-804-5759 so that we can come to your kitchen to customize a solution that satisfies your needs.
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